Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marianne Alto Q&A

Marianne Alto is running for her first full term on Council after being elected to serve the remainder of Sonya Chandler's term in the 2010 by-election. Alto ran unsuccessfully in '05. She is a business consultant and facilitator - her website is here and here are her answers to our survey:

Q: Why are you running and why should I vote for you?

A: I bring people together, find common ground, balance competing interests and get
results. I think those are good skills to have at the city council and CRD tables. Elected just last fall, I’ve already secured city council approval for an integrated plan to help vulnerable residents get the health services they need, and a comprehensive open government initiative that will give easy access to information and bring city hall to TV.

I’ve scheduled regular Open Door sessions in my liaison neighbourhoods, made planning
decisions that preserve heritage and promote appropriate development, and made Victoria a ‘Blue Community’ to keep water resources public. I’m an activist Councillor and I'll get a lot more done with a three year term.

Q: What issue is most important to you and why?

A: I’d have to choose 5 issues, because they are inter-related and solving just one still leaves a gap for our residents. And I think they can all be achieved in the next three years:

1) mitigating the high cost of living in Victoria by facilitating more affordable housing (including co-ops and co-housing), more jobs and decent wages;

2) continuing to reduce homelessness, particularly for vulnerable people who need housing that comes with supportive social services and integrated health and harm reduction services;

3) regional planning and delivery of primary services, like transportation, police services and emergency preparedness;

4) implementing the open government and open date strategies recently endorsed by Council, and

5) finding new sources of funds so we can continue to deliver high quality municipal services and limit tax increases.

Q: What's something people don't know about you?

A: I love Canadian football.


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