Friday, October 14, 2011

Always A Few Surprises

Candidates just decalred for Council. the list follows, and in the next day or two we'll add an annotated list with a brief bio on each candidate to the summary page, but for now you'll just have to be happy with this!

Mayoral Candidates:
Paul Brown (Open Victoria)
Steve Filipovic
Dean Fortin
David Shebib

Council Candidates:
Marianne Alto
Saul Andersen
Christopher M. Coleman
Shellie Gudgeon
Aaron Hall (Open Victoria)
Lisa Helps
Rose Henry
Lynn Hunter
Ben Isitt
Robin Kimpton
Sukhi Lalli (Open Victoria)
Philippe Lucas
John Luton
Pam Madoff
Linda McGrew (Open Victoria)
Sean Murray
Charlayne Thornton-Joe
John C. Turner
Jon Valentine
Geoff Young


As a single parent faced with near homlessness 5 years ago I was greatly helped by Robin Kimpton when he gave my son and I a safe /clean rental unit to reside in and then he proceeded to provide me with employment to work off the rent and damage deposit.Mr. Kimpton was there 4 us when no one else was.I have never voted in civic elections before but this time I will !!!

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