Wednesday, October 5, 2011

News Oct. 5

Ran into Jon Valentine yesterday, and he confirmed that he is running for Victoria City Council.

Jon ran in the last election and got 257 votes, or about 0.25% of votes cast. Vic Votes doesn't know too much about Jon other than the fact that he is very interested in our city's role in combating climate change. We will post Jon's answers to our three questions when they arrive - to date, he does not have a website.

This week is pretty packed with campaign launch events. Shellie Gudgeon (owner of Fifth St. Bar and Grill) officially announced her candidacy yesterday, tonight is Philippe Lucas' campaign launch at Solstice Cafe, and tomorrow night Lisa Helps is launching her campaign at the Martin Batchelor Gallery.

Just received Philippe Lucas' survey answers, so stay tuned for that...



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